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Helping your child discover “Who They Are”


“…If we’re starting with the wrong question, if we don’t understand the cause, then even the right answers will always steer us wrong…eventually”

                                                                            Simon Sinek, Author of Start With Why

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Like most parent’s, you are committed to putting in the time and energy to be the best parent you can be.  But what happened to that thing called  “parenting instinct?”  For you parenting involves more sleepless nights due to feelings of fear, frustration, and stress.  In the modern complex world, there just seems to be too may contradictory ways to do everything.


Does this sound like you

At times, do you feel like a failure as a parent?

Do you feel over-whelmed by the amount and variation of parenting information?

Do you feel stressed-out over making sure you are doing the “right” things so your child will be able to survive “in their world?”


I have been there

I have struggled with feeling over-whelmed.  I have struggled with making difficult choices.  I have lied awake at night wondering if I am making the right decision.  I have struggled with keeping my feelings of fear at bay.  In the process I discovered how to watch my children to find and ask the correct questions so I could be lead to the answers that worked.  I learned how to ask “Why” questions instead of “How” or “What” questions; which was life changing.  I learned to see each of my children as individuals with different temperaments, different brain wiring (dyslexia), different intelligence’s, different strengths and challenges, and different interests and needs.


My Mission…

To help you learn how to listen to your child’s behavior, so you can be the mentor they need as they discover who they are.


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