Should Children Use REAL Tools?

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Boy with toolsShould Children Use REAL Tools? – How to Survive Normal Childhood Curiosity (without saying “No”!)

 “Risk is the “flypaper” of the Gods.
Most flies see the other flies stuck to the flypaper but they still land on it.
In like fashion, human beings need to experience things to better understand them.”    ~ Mark Olson

Should you allow your 3 y/o to use a real screwdriver?

A child’s curiosity is not limited to “safe” play. They are innately curious in all things.

As a parent we need not have much experience to discover that children will often do the exact polar opposite of what we want, especially with “dangerous things”.
But we want our children to be interested in the world around them, don’t we?  So how do we allow them to experiment and experience the world and still maintain our sanity? (more…)

Happy Holiday Gift Giving

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Christmas - pinterest  The holiday season is usually very overwhelming and stressful for children; different    rules/boundaries, large gatherings of people involving friends and/or family, and an  overload of visual and or auditory stimulus are a few of the primary culprits.  Parents need  to be tuned in to their children so they can slow down activities, provide for quite time and  or space, and establish a safe emotional environment with clear boundaries and  communication that shows the child their feelings matter.  Establishing traditions that the  children can look forward to can go a long way towards giving the children a sense of  anticipation as well as grounding them during this stressful and hectic time. (more…)