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It all starts with a conversation

Learn about how Page could help your family flourish

Every child is different, so Page customizes her innovative play for each family. Here is how the process works:

  1. Page provides an initial consultation with your family to assess your child’s interests, challenges, home environment, and more.
  2. Then, Page guides you on how to create a rich learning environment that will help your child grow, develop emotional intelligence, and build interpersonal skills.
  3. Based on your needs and resources, Page’s involvement can range from periodic phone consultations and video chats, to frequent in-person coaching for hands-on assistance.

Innovative play needs to be led by the child in order for it to be successful, and the play philosophy will grow and change as the child matures. For these reasons, Page believes in providing parents with the tools, knowledge, and advice they need, while letting the child guide the process.

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